At this time of the semester, the SCC Academic Support Centers are busy places. Students are working hard to keep pace with their studies, and utilizing the resources to help them move toward success. To give some perspective to the term “busy” here are some impressive numbers for Fall 2012 that show increases in numbers served over last year.

In addition to our 6 professional tutors on staff, we have hired 21 student tutors. This tutoring team provides free tutoring through various tutoring styles, and represents a variety of ages and ethnic groups. Students accessed tutoring for math, science, writing, accounting, computer essentials, and study skills. Fall semester 3910.2 hours were spent tutoring students in the following tutoring options:

  • Traditional (1:1 or small group) 895 students
  • Online (Smarthinking) 221 students
  • Study Groups (individuals by tutor) 131 students

TOTAL 1247 (an increase of 184 students from fall 2011)

Students can link to online tutoring directly from their D2L homepage. This ease of access has encouraged students to discover the essay center and utilize tutoring assistance during business hours as well as on evenings and weekends.

Study Skills Training
Individual and small group sessions are available for students who would like to strengthen their academic study skills. Student Affairs team members spent 46 hours presenting on topics including: Time Management, Note Taking Methods, Memorization Techniques, Test Anxiety Management, Test Taking Tactics, Organization and Reading Techniques.

  • Individuals (1:1 or small group) 21
  • GPS Study Skills Presentations 302

TOTAL 323 (an increase of 141 students from fall 2011)

Disability Services
SCC is committed to providing equal opportunities for qualified students with disabilities to participate in the courses, programs, and activities of our college. ASC staff spent 1883.6 hours arranging and providing services (Sign Language Interpreters’ hours are not included).

  • Disability Students (unduplicated) 132 (an increase of 19 students from fall 2011)
  • Number of documented disabilities 197

Student satisfaction is evident through comments they share on each semester’s evaluations. A few comments include:

  • “This is a wonderful place. I couldn’t have gotten through chemistry without the Math Center!”
  • “If I was having a hard time you were there.”
  • The tutor “does not do the work for me, but she guides me to correct my mistakes. She is just the type of person I need in my life at this time.”
  • “I am thankful for everything she has done to help me be the best student.”

Encourage the students you work with to visit the Academic Support Center and Math Center to investigate the resources we have available for them!