By Dr. Scott Taylor, Small Business ManagementScott_Taylor

On Friday, April 12 we had our in-service; lots of good sessions (thanks committee) and celebrations. It was fun watching President Stover conduct his last state of the union address.

Low: I wasn't prepared to receive the news that Ann Anderson's cancer had returned. The news took my breath away. I've known Annie since she was marketing Landkamer's Furniture Store. Our two firms worked closely together on bringing customers downtown to shop during common events. Then, when she was marketing director for Madison East, we wound up doing community-wide projects together. Even though we were competitors, Ann always invited and I gladly contributed to the Sharing Tree she promoted. Annie's approach was always one of collaboration for the good of all. Clearly she brought that mindset to SCC. Her helpfulness, professionalism, and "get it done" attitude built SCC's dominant market presence. When you retire Annie, it will take four people to replace you. Best wishes on the next phase of your medical journey. SpragueDanSmall

High: At the end of the in-service, we learned that my co-instructor, Dan Sprague, was named the Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year. Since Dan works off-campus, many of you haven't had the chance to get to know him, let alone work with him. Dan's work with the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Office of Civil Rights is a model for effective teaching and mentoring to women and minority-owned businesses in the highway-heavy construction industry. MnDOT is so proud of this program that it asked him to present at the last national conference. Not willing to settle for just a speech, Dan created a skit that highlighted our approach in a fun and interesting way. This was indicative of the innovative approach he employs in his teaching and mentoring career. Well-deserved and congratulations, Dan!