Johnna_Horton-53-2_opt1By Johnna S. Horton, Director of Library/Media Services

Who needs spring? Summer's almost here!

This summer is bringing plenty of work for South Central's two libraries. The Faribault Library is already experiencing the activity resulting from operating in a construction zone. If you've been in recently, you've noticed that Ala's office and the Periodical Room are completely gone, and that she has moved over to a space carved out of the eLearning Technologies office. We're happy to say that the library will be open during both summer sessions, so be sure to stop by and enjoy the air conditioning!

The North Mankato Library will be undergoing a reclassification. This means that the print nonfiction, CD nonfiction, reference, and audiovisual collections will no longer be arranged by the Dewey Decimal System. Instead, we are matching up to the Faribault Library and using the Library of Congress system. This change is primarily intended to cut down on the confusion of using two systems in one college, with the important bonus of helping students who transition to four-year institutions or other colleges become familiar with the system most academic libraries use. Collections not affected by this change are the fiction, periodicals, and CD fiction.

The online library will see some changes as well. Our subject guide program, Research Quickstart, is being replaced by a more flexible, user-friendly system called SubjectsPlus. These subject guides are used by students as a jumping off point for their research. The other change involves our book search. Our current system is being upgraded to a newer model. Other than a few cosmetic changes, users probably won't notice much of a difference, but the behind-the-scenes functionality will be expanded.

All in all, this makes for a busy and hopefully productive summer!