Jane_GreathouseBy Jane Greathouse, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Professional Careers

Welcome to Spring 2013!!! I know it is going to be a great semester!

Congratulations to….

  • Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Cassandra Labairon, Jodi Olson, and Lucinda Wells, all of whom have been approved to for sabbaticals next year.
  • Tony Bryson, who is still in the throes of his sabbatical in England.
  • Shayne Narjes, who will be defending his dissertation on April 1. No fooling.
  • Mark Friedman, who is officially ABD.
  • Kurt Dershem, who has been selected to travel to Turkey in March as part of an instructor training program.
  • Peter Wruck, Arlene Eliason, Karen Snay, Ben Braswell, and Wes Taylor who completed their first semester as full-time unlimited faculty.
  • Lori Hood for accepting the position of College Readiness English instructor
Great work to everyone!!!!!

Initiatives in the Works
  • Arlene Eliason and Linda Van Slyke are working with the HVAC, Computer Integrated Machining, and Pharmacy Tech programs to integrate more developmental math into the program curriculum. Karen Snay intends to work with a technical program to integrate developmental writing into the curriculum. There is a major push at the national level to do more of this and I am excited that we were able to make something happen this term.
  • The College Readiness faculty has been meeting to explore new ways of delivering CR curriculum. We will be working with David Miller in a few weeks to look at the Accuplacer exam and diagnostic and MyFoundations lab to see how we might deliver some computer-based instruction. This work could also open up some opportunities for summer bridge programs.
  • Pam Becker and Mary Milbert will be working to make some improvements to our EAP courses.
  • The AA faculty has created teams to work on several different program initiatives in response to assessment data. Word on the street is that a writing conference for faculty and students is in the works!

Course and Program Development
  • Child Development, Marketing Management, and Business Management plan to reduce their AAS programs to 60 credits in response to the 60/120 legislation. Accounting and Graphic Communications will be seeking a waiver by December 2013.
  • The Multimedia program is awaiting approval by MnSCU. The Curriculum Committee has approved the program and the articulation agreement has been signed with Bethany Lutheran College.
  • The Accounting articulation with Concordia College has been officially approved by MnSCU! Concordia began offering a BA in Accounting on our campus this term. I believe 16 students enrolled in this program. Great work Accounting faculty!

  • Becky Davis will be taking SCC students to South Africa in May. Becky is partnering with Scott Fee and the International Studies Office at MSU, Mankato to make this an affordable option for students. It is going to be an amazing experience for our students.
  • Kurt Dershem and Shawn Schroeder are teaming up to bring students to the Galapagos Islands this semester.

I am very proud of the work the LAPC faculty are doing (as well as all faculty).  There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm to make things happen! Let’s keep it up!

And THANK YOU to Tim Miller for keeping our office area looking so great.

Have a wonderful semester everyone!