Our Mission: Building a workforce that delivers excellence in education

Our Vision: An educated Minnesota starts here

Our Values: Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation

Goal 1: Attract, retain, and develop employees to meet current and future educational needs.

  • Within 5 years, 100% of institutions have a succession plan in place for key positions
  • Within 5 years, executive search costs are reduced by 33% over FY13
  • Within 5 years, all affirmative action hiring goals are met

Goal 2: Build HR processes, systems, and infrastructure to increase efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness.

  • Within 5 years, all HR technology is integrated, such as on-boarding, learning management and performance management systems
  • Within 5 years, with improved technology and shared services, we will provide the highest value by increasing service levels and reducing costs

Goal 3: Build HR capacity to advance system goals

  • Within 5 years, 100% of CHROs are positioned to be fully-functioning strategic partners and “at the table” within their institutions

Goal 4: Advance a labor relations strategy that promotes flexibility and responsiveness to meet the changing needs of higher education

  • Within 5 years, an interest based approach to collective bargaining will be modeled