Global Connections in Southern Minnesota

Global Connections in Southern Minnesota is a two-day conference on the South Central College campus in North Mankato.  The theme and title of the conference are one and the same: Global Connections in Southern Minnesota.  This broad theme is meant to attract people from all disciplines, areas, and interests (arts, sciences, sociology, business, etc) to participate in and benefit from the two-day conference. The conference offers concurrent sessions so that conference-goers can choose based on interest, but several keynote speakers will bring everyone together.  Global Connections is an opportunity to make connections between people & cultures, to create awareness and understanding, and to realize that we are all on this globe together, so let's work together!

October 9th & 10th, 2014

The Iny Asian Dance Theater, led by internationally renowned Hmong artist Iny Mai Vang,will perform a 90-minute dance drama with 40 of their dancers the evening of Oct. 10th as part of the Global Connections Conference. The group, based out of the Twin Cities, specializes in Asian dance and storytelling using Hmong, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai and Bollywood dance styles. The goal of the Iny Asian Dance Theater is to broaden the public's appreciation of Asian dances through teaching and performance.

Dance performance: Thursday, October 9, 2014 @ 7:30 P.M. in the SCC Conference Center. Advance tickets are available in the SCC Bookstore.

   Students - $5.00 
   Non-Students - $8:00

In addition, the group will bring the multimedia exhibition display Deep Root, Lush Leaves—Transformation of Hmong Dance in Minnesota. The display was created by the Pan Asian Arts Alliance, which is a Hmong Wearable Folk Arts Lecture and Exhibition that examines the transformation of Hmong textile arts (embroidery/ethnic garments/dance costumes) throughout history and how the design has changed and incorporated both traditional and modern elements into Hmong ceremonial dresses. This display will remain on campus for two months.

Ethnic lunches (11:00 - 1:30) :
    Thursday - Hmong cuisine, cost:  $8
    Friday:  Spanish cuisine, cost:  $8


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