Iny Asian Dance Theater performing selections from Yiyusa Dance Drama
Date: Oct. 9, 2014, 7:30 pm

The Iny Asian Dance Theater, led by internationally renowned Hmong artist Iny Mai Vang, will perform a 70-minute dance drama with 28 dancers the evening of Oct. 9 as part of the Global Connections Conference. The group, based out of the Twin Cities, specializes in in Asian dance and storytelling using Hmong, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai and Bollywood dance styles. The goal of the Iny Asian Dance Theater is to broaden the public’s appreciation of Asian dances through teaching and performance. Tickets will be sold for the evening performance.

Asia is rich in ethnic diversity. There are splendid and colorful varieties in music, dance, costumes, and celebrations among different ethnic groups.  The performance will share with you various Asian heritages with beautiful and joyous music, and energetic/high-spirited dances. Before we launch a series of Asian dances highlighting different regions, we like to welcome everyone from all over the world to participate at this Conference. Although we have participants come from the 5 continents, but we are all connected to one another through one world's Ocean together.  To celebrate this connectedness, we like to open up the performance with the Ocean Wave dance.

Opening Dance -
Ocean Dance

A. Central Asia – Silk Road Region

  • Pipa Dance
  •  Goddess Dance

B. East Asia – China and its ethnic groups

  • Han Chinese - 2 Chinese Dances
  • Ethnic Dai – Water Bucket Dance
  • Ethnic Miao (Hmong) – 2 Hmong Dances
  • Ethnic Yi - 2 Dances

C.  North Asia - Mongolia

  • Archery Dance

D. South Asia - India

  • 2 Asian Indian Dances

E. Southeast Asia - Thailand

  • 2 Thai Dances

Closing Dance - Colorful Ribbon Dance

 Additional Performance Details  | Iny Video 1 | Iny Video 2 | Iny Website