South Central College
Common Read Event Schedule 2013-14

"As we move forward in the growth of our College-Wide Common Read program, our goal is to start conversations and to create a common ground where we can discuss issues and perspectives that are a part of this great world in which we are a part. Our ultimate goal is to create a college community where conversations regarding diversity can build bridges to a more inclusive atmosphere." ~ Erin Kuiper, SCC Bookstore Manager

To contribute to continuing efforts of creating the kind of college community described above, the 2013-14 SCC Common Read, the Diversity Committee is supporting a series of immigration-themed events that will run from September 2013 through April 2014, leading up to our annual All Faculty and Staff Common Read event.

SCC Immigration Series: Author Visit (Presenter: Terry Greene Sterling)
April 2014
Dates & Rooms TBA
Terry Green Sterling, author of SCC ‘s Common Read selection, Illegal: Life and Death on Arizona’s Immigration War Zone will visit South Central College and give several presentations about her book and the process of writing.

SCC Immigration Series: Film and Discussion of “A Better Life” (Co-sponsored with Global Ed)
March 5, 2014 from 12:00-1:50pm
Room TBA

This is an opportunity to discuss a film about a gardener in East L.A. who struggles to keep his son away from gangs and immigration agents while trying to give his son the opportunities he never had.

SCC Immigration Series: Latino Student Panel
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 from 12-12:50pm
Room TBA

Students will come together to form a Latino that will speak to their experiences with immigration in the U.S. There will also be an opportunity for question and answer. This is an opportunity to bring the reference point to focus on the population addressed in this year’s Common Read.

SCC Immigration Series: Film and Discussion of “The Letter”
Wednesday, December 4 from 12 to 1:50 P.M.
Location: North Mankato: Conf A & B | Faribault: B111

This is an opportunity to watch and discuss a documentary about how one community was impacted by an influx of Somali residents. The telling of the story includes the reaction of the community and the way in which all the series of events unfolded.

SCC Student Somali Panel
Wednesday, November 13 at 12:00 P.M.
Location: North Mankato: Conference Center A | Faribault: B110
Students will come together to form a Somali panel that will speak to their experiences as immigrants to the U.S.
There will also be an opportunity for question and answer. This is an opportunity to explore how immigration
impacts one of the largest groups of people in diaspora in the state of MN, a group that is clearly present in our
college's population.

SCC Immigration Series: Part 2: Current Issues in Immigration
Wednesday, October 9 from 12 - 12:50pm
Location: North Mankato: Conference Center A | Faribault A111B
SCC resident experts will continue the conversation about immigration in the U.S.

Synapse Presentation – Part 1: History of Immigration: Illegal? Historical Perspectives and Current Controversies in U.S. Immigration
October 1, 2013 from 12-12:50pm

Location: North Mankato: C219 | Faribault: C37
SCC resident experts on social and political issues surrounding immigration will share definitions and historical details in order to create a base of knowledge from which the topic of immigration and the novel, Illegal: Life and Death on Arizona’s Immigration War Zone can be discussed.


SCC Immigration Series: A Personal Perspective (Presented by: Antonio Gomez)
Wednesday, September 11th at 12:00 P.M.
Location: Conference Center B & C

Join former SCC student Antonio Gomez as he talks about his journey immigrating from Mexico as a child, and his life as an "undocumented individual." A truly remarkable student who has overcome overwhelming barriers and obstacles, Antonio is currently attending Gustavus Adolphus College majoring in International Management. He has become an inspiration to many who have had the chance to hear his story. Antonio's story and his efforts have a hopeful and positive effect on people; what has come to be called, "The Gomez Effect."

SCC Common Read selection for 2013-14:
Illegal: Life and Death in Arizona's Immigration War Zone by Terry Greene Sterling


Terry Greene Sterling immerses herself in the closed communities of the undocumented in Arizona, the gateway for nearly half of the nation's undocumented immigrants and the state that is the least welcoming toward them, to tell the stories of the men, women, and children who have crossed the border. (This is description from – is it okay if we source it?)

For more about the author: