By Chris Blaschko, Payroll/Benefits Specialist

If you missed the meetings on May 4, there are other meetings being held across the state.  The list of locations for these meetings can be found on the Minnesota Management and Budget website at  I also have a list in the HR office.

Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) Open Enrollment to be held May 3, 2010 through May 31, 2010.  It’s been four years since the last opportunity to enroll in Long-Term Care was held.  Informational Long-Term Care insurance meetings will be starting April 26, 2010 and run through May 7, 2010.

The LTCi Open Enrollment will provide employees with the chance to enroll for Long-Term Care insurance through Minnesota Public Employee Long-term Care Insurance program, (M-PEL) and its carrier CNA without providing evidence of insurability or good health.  Spouses and parents of employees may also apply, but their enrollments are still subject to evidence of good-health.

Employees who are currently enrolled in LTCi may also make changes to their current policies without providing evidence of insurability or good health. All employees who currently carry LTCi are encourage to review their policy at this time, as the newly introduced Partnership Program benefit is now in place. The Partnership Program enables Minnesota residents to protect more of their assets if they later need the state to help pay for their long-term care.

Long-Term Care insurance helps pay for a variety of services that are NOT covered by health insurance or Medicare. The earlier you enroll for coverage, the lower your monthly premiums will be, since the premium is based on your age when you enroll and will not increase as you age. The coverage offered through CNA features a variety of affordable premium levels based on the type of benefit plan you chose.

To begin discovering the many benefit options and protection offered by M-PEL’s Long-Term Care coverage, you may visit the website at:

To have an opportunity to listen to the M-Pel presentation, please review the meeting schedule.  The Presentation will be provided during the first hour of the meeting and the second hour of the meeting will give you a chance to speak directly with a representative from CNA. Representatives from many of the SEGIP insurance programs will also be available to help answer other benefit questions, as well.

Please consider attending a meeting or reviewing the benefits and protection available to you through the Long-Term Care insurance Open Enrollment.