Donna_MarzolfBy Donna Marzolf, Director of Registration and Enrollment Services

It’s almost that time of year once again…students are excited for the end of the semester, grades get recorded and everyone heads off for a restful holiday break. Unfortunately, for some of our students, that restful break is hindered by grades that do not meet our college standards and by notification that they have been placed on academic warning or suspension. This news brings many questions from both students and parents and an opportunity for students to reevaluate their educational goals and what it is going to take to achieve them.

There are drastic changes that impact SCC’s satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy stemming from changes to the federal financial aid policy that will be implemented for the first time following Fall Semester 2011. Here is a brief overview of the SAP statuses and what they mean to students.

Good Standing: This means that Fall Semester will be the student’s first in college or that the student is meeting the college academic standards. Those standards are a 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher and 67% or higher cumulative completion rate of all courses attempted.

Warning: This means that the student has not met the criteria for good standing . The student must improve his GPA and/or completion rate to meet the standards by the end of the next term or he will be suspended. This means exactly what it says – it is a warning to students that something needs to change or the student will be ineligible to attend in the future. Students on warning may register for classes and may receive financial aid awards if they are eligible.

Suspension: This means that the student has not met the academic standards for his two most recent terms of enrollment. Suspension means that the student is not eligible to attend SCC for a period of at least one year. Students who have been suspended must complete an Academic/Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal before they can return to the college, even if the one year has passed.

Academic/Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal: There are three possible outcomes for these appeals:

  1. Registration YES – Financial Aid YES – this decision means the student is eligible to register and to receive financial aid as applicable based on the information provided on the FAFSA. This decision places the student on academic and financial aid probation.
  2. Registration YES – Financial Aid NO – students with this decision are allowed to register for courses but must fund their education without assistance from financial aid funds until they reach good standing or have a successful financial aid appeal. We are looking for students to demonstrate academic success in coursework here at SCC before funding is reinstated. The student will be on academic probation and financial aid suspension.
  3. Registration NO- Financial Aid NO - Appeal is denied and the student is not eligible to attend SCC. The student remains on academic and financial aid suspension.

Probation: A student is placed on probation when they have been suspended and have had a successful reinstatement appeal. Following the student’s next term of enrollment, SAP will again be reviewed. There are three possible outcomes for students on probation:

  1. Return to Good Standing – the student’s cumulative GPA and completion percentage meet the college standards.
  2. Continued Probation – these students do not meet the cumulative GPA and/or completion percentage but DO meet the requirements of the Academic Plan. This requires a YRTR GPA of a 2.5 or higher and a YRTR completion rate of 100% (meaning no F, FN, W, I grades.)
  3. Return to Suspension – meaning the student does not meet the cumulative totals or requirements for the Academic Plan and therefore, returns to suspension.


With all of these changes comes lots of concern for the Student Affairs team. You can help by posting your grades as soon as possible following completion of your course. This will give us more time to run the SAP process and correct any errors that we find before notifications are sent to our students.

Student notification of Satisfactory Academic Progress status will ONLY happen via email to the student’s SCC email account. No letters will be mailed to students as in years past.

If any of your advisees have questions regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress, please refer them to the Student Affairs Center at 389-7220 or 332-5805 – press 3 for Registration