Wayne_Whitmore-200-5By Wayne Whitmore

I suppose (or hope) you may have heard by now that the Student Learning Committee, a subcommittee of AASC, reviewed and rewrote South Central College’s Institutional Core Competencies (ICCs) over the 2010 – 2011 term. Part one of this series ran in the December Connections Newsletter. In part two, we going to take a look at another of our new competencies and its subcomponents:

SCC students who have completed a diploma or a degree of 45 or more credits will demonstrate:

Intellectual and practical skills

  • Teamwork and problem-solving: Students will demonstrate the ability to work together cohesively with diverse groups of persons, including working as a group to resolve any issues that arise.
  • Analysis and inquiry: Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze information from multiple sources and to raise pertinent questions regarding that information.
  • Critical and creative thinking: Students will develop the disposition and skills to strategize, gather, organize, create, refine, analyze, and evaluate the credibility of relevant information and ideas.
  • Written and oral communication: Students will communicate effectively in a range of social, academic, and professional contexts using a variety of means, including written, oral, numeric/quantitative, graphic, and visual modes of communication.

So, that is one part of our new ICCs. What do YOU need to do now?
✓    Make sure the ICCs listed on your assessment plan are up to date.
✓    Make sure your advisory board is aware of these changes (if applicable).
✓    Use the rubrics I emailed out the week of Thanksgiving either as a tool of measurement or as a stepping stone in the creation of your own rubrics.
✓    If you need to change your competencies in your CCO, you need only make the necessary changes and email a copy to your respective dean.

Thanks for your time! Next month, we’re going to take a look at critical thinking.
Happy February one and all!

Wayne Whitmore
Assessment Coordinator
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