Departmental Examination

Students currently admitted and/or enrolled at South Central College may obtain credit for some courses through a process called Advanced Standing by Examination.

Credit is granted on the basis of demonstrated proficiency by the student of course requirements by successfully passing an appropriate examination.

Provisions of Advanced Standing by Examination are:

  • The course must be challenged (examinations completed) prior to registering for the course.
  • A student may challenge a course only once.
  • A student may not challenge a course which has been previously taken for credit at South Central College.
  • A student interested in a course challenge examination should schedule a visit with the course instructor for direction in the test-out process. Examination fees are $25/credit attempted for a lecture course and $50/credit attempted for laboratory course or a combination of both. The student must pay the non-refundable examination fee prior to the administration of the exam. If the student passes the examination, the grade of “CR” (credit) will be entered on the student’s transcript.
  • A student must meet residency requirements for each academic award by enrolling in SCC credit courses.
  • The grade of “CR” is not used in calculation of grade point average (GPA) nor do the credits count toward financial aid calculation.
  • Applications for course challenge examinations may be obtained from the Student Affairs Center.

Advanced Standing: Prior Learning for Credit

Under advisement the student can request Prior Learning for Credit. Test Out may also be an option for the student if the program allows. Either option can only apply if the student has not registered for the course being requested. All MnSCU and SCC policies and procedures apply. The students will provide an updated resume and all transcripts. Other materials that support assessment of the prior learning may also be required. Students should contact specific program faculty for more information.

  • Prior learning experiences must meet at least 75% of the total competencies of the course(s) being requested.
  • The student must meet all requirements for each academic award.
  • The instructor/advisor will review the course(s) syllabi and identify the outcomes or competencies that the student will be required to meet, and will also will review the request with the Academic Dean for approval.
  • Upon approval the instructor will meet with the student to discuss the plan, timeline and assessment interview. The time frame for completing PLC should not exceed one academic year or two consecutive semesters. The student will complete the tasks detailed and agreed upon in the plan. Availability of prior learning evaluation during summer sessions is at the discretion of the faculty member.
  • Prior to the assessment interview the student will complete all necessary paperwork and pay all required fees.
  • The content expert or evaluator will evaluate the competencies in the assessment interview. 75% of the course competencies must be successfully achieved for a passing grade to be assigned.

AASC 1/25/13