Diversity at SCC


SCC’s Diversity Statement
South Central College is committed to fostering a campus environment of inclusion, knowledge, and understanding in which faculty, staff, and students learn to value diversity and to respect individual differences that enrich our college community


South Central College (SCC) believes that diversity is essential to its daily operations and seeks to promote access and opportunity for all. SCC actively works to create a more inclusive environment that is welcoming, respectful, and supportive of diverse individuals, experiences, and perspectives. Diversity is important for many reasons:

    • Diversity encourages critical thinking as multiple viewpoints are introduced at a time when students are challenging their existing beliefs and developing new ideas about the world.
    • Diversity prepares students to work in a global and diverse workforce.
    • Diversity encourages all of us to learn more about ourselves, our past, our present, and our future.
    • Diversity challenges our preconceptions and misconceptions about others so that we may be better human beings.


    Common Read Spring Semester Submissions Requested by October 30

    The Diversity Committee is excited to sponsor a common read initiative Spring Semester 2016 on the topic of civil rights, this year’s diversity theme.  We know that you have read a lot of great books on the topic of civil rights, and so we’re looking for book suggestions from YOU!

    If you’ve read an awesome fiction or non-fiction book with a civil rights theme, please suggest it as a possible common read selection by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with its title and author by Friday, October 30.

    Here’s Our Timeline: 

    Today - Friday, October 30 - Faculty and staff are invited to suggest books for the common read with a civil rights theme

    Monday, November 2 - Friday, November 6 - faculty and staff will view a list of suggested books and vote on the book they would like for the common read

    Monday, November 9 - The “winner” of the vote for the common read book will be announced            

    November - The book will be made available in the bookstore

    January - May - The college will host various common read activities for students, faculty, and staff

    Remember, this all starts with suggestions from YOU.  Please share a book title by October 30 so that we can unite as a college and ponder civil rights together.

    Thank you!

    Diversity Committee





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