Online Orientation

onlineOrientation2Completing South Central College's Online Orientation gives students access to attend a STAR Session and register for classes!

Welcome to South Central College's Online Orientation
Completing the Online Orientation is one of the first steps all newly admitted students complete at South Central College. It is required that you view the Online Orientation and submit an acknowledgement form that you have completed the orientation PRIOR to attending a STAR (STudent Advising and Registration) session.

Here's how the Orientation works:

  1. Click on the "Start the Online Orientation" link below. This will prompt the orientation to begin.
  2. Verify that your computer's volume is on and turned up to be able to hear the video content through the presentation.
  3. Once orientation is completed, you will be prompted to complete an acknowledgement form that verifies you finished the orientation. Please fill this out to complete the online orientation requirement.


Start the Online Orientation

Upon successful completion of your online orientation, you will be invited to and are required to attend a STAR session (STudent Advising and Registration). During the campus STAR session, you will meet with your advisor and register for courses. Please refer to your admissions letter for more information.