Next Steps After Admission

Here are the next steps to beginning your successful career at SCC.

1. Visit Us!  Come and visit the South Central College campus to get a sense of our community. Learn more on our Visit Us page

2.  Complete an Immunization Record only IF:

  • If you were born in 1957 or later
  • If you have earned a GED
  • If you were born after 1978 and did not graduate from a MN high school

3.  Apply for financial aid if you haven't already done so.

  • Prospective students must complete a SCC Application for Admission, be admitted to the college, and be enrolled in an approved program of study before financial aid will be awarded.
I'm Admitted. Now what?South Central College makes it easy for students to get started with their education. With just a few steps, students will be ready to begin their college experience at SCC.

4. Review your Major and Courses (also called a review of your program of study or academic program) by selecting your major on the Majors and Programs page.

  • You can view which campus offers your program
  • If you click on the name of the major you can view the types of degrees that are offered for your major
  • If you click on the type of degree you can view additional information including the course sequence (or which courses you take in which order)

5. Complete the Online Orientation.

 The Online Orientation must be completed prior to attending an on-campus orientation shown below.

6. Reserve a date to attend the required On-Campus Orientation

  • Go to
  • On-campus orientations are  approximately 4 hours in length.  Students must be present for the entire session in order to participate in course registration.

7.  Create your STAR ID  You will use your STAR ID to login to the computers at your on-campus orientation session.  You may have already created a STAR ID if you applied to SCC via the on-line application.   Learn more about StarID and sign up now.

8. Review the availability of the courses (days/times) for your program via the course schedules.  Class availability will change as people attend the on-campus orientations and register for classes.  Some programs and courses are in great demand and will fill early, so it is to your advantage to attend the first available on-campus orientation.

9. Learn how to navigate D2L which you may be required to access as part of many of your classes.