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Employee Portal

Academic Resources
Class Maximums.xls
Faculty D2L Brightspace Login Guide
Faculty Knowledge Base
Faculty Prime Training
Grading Instructions
Grading/MnSCU Act. Login
Institutional Review Board
MSCF prof. development funding form
Policies - Academic Administrative
Policies - Student
Professional Development
Registration Override Procedure
South Central Online

Campus Information
Campus Parking Fee & Regulations
Departments (non-academic)
Emergency Procedure Guides
Faculty and Staff Parking Waiver
Occupational Safety and Health
Room Scheduling
Security & Safety

SCC Committees
Acad. Affairs & Standards Council*
AQIP Steering Committee
Charting the Future Steering Committee*
Curriculum Committee
Safety Committee
Shared Governance
Student Engagement and Success*
Student Learning Committee

* Charting the Future Collaborator


Event Schedule

PTK Meet and Greet and Induction Ceremony - Fblt.
Sep 26, 11:45 am in Event Center
NM Student Senate Meeting - N.M.
Sep 26, 12:00 pm in Conf. Center C
Psych Club - N.M.
Sep 27, 12:00 pm in C163 Classroom
Sep 28, 12:00 pm in E104 Classroom
Program Info Session - N.M.
Sep 28, 3:00 pm in E121 Classroom
Allied Health and Nursing Info Session - N.M.
Sep 29, 4:00 pm in Conf. Center A
Motorcycle Basic Rider (14.5 Hours) - N.M.
Sep 29, 6:00 pm in A164 Classroom
Accuplacer - N.M.
Sep 30, 9:00 am in C155 PC Lab
Accuplacer - Fblt.
Sep 30, 1:00 pm in C112 PC Lab
Accuplacer - N.M.
Sep 30, 1:00 pm in C155 PC Lab
CPR Instructor Initial and Recert - N.M.
Oct 1, 9:00 am in E114 Classroom
PAS Meeting - N.M.
Oct 3, 12:00 pm in Conf. Center A
Student Nurses Association Meeting - N.M.
Oct 3, 12:00 pm in E128A Classroom
Student Senate Meeting - Fblt.
Oct 3, 12:00 pm in Faribault Event Center
Student Senate Meeting - Fblt.
Oct 3, 12:00 pm in Event Center